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Does using a spray bottle with a little lemon actually work for a dog? or will it do more harm to the dog?

I have heard and read things about using a spray bottle filled with water and a little lemon juice will work on a dog. but i also heard that it can…

ASKED BY Member 1237853 on 11/22/14
TAGGED spraybottle, training IN Methods of Training

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7 month old dog ate a plastic bottle cap?

I have a 7 month old yorkie/wiener dog. It appears she might have eaten one or more plastic bottle caps last night. My younger brother took her out…

ASKED BY Member 1176259 on 6/20/13
TAGGED plasticbottlecap IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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How can I train my dog to drink from a water bottle?

My 5 year old shih tzu named Teddy, used to live with my aunt about a year ago and drank from a water bottle fine. But now if i bring it near him…

ASKED BY Member 1170090 on 5/13/13
TAGGED water, bottle, waterbottle, fear, shihtzu IN Fears & Phobias


Are water bottles okay to play with?

Ellie loves the crunchy-ness of empty plastic water bottles. I was just wondering if they were okay to give to her as a toy, provided that I took off…

ASKED BY Ellie on 10/18/11
TAGGED waterbottle, toy, play IN Toys

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My mother dog had a litter of six puppies but today she suffocated one. Should I take her puppies away from her? Or let?

the puppies have seen a vet when they were born which was three days ago.

ASKED BY Member 1011497 on 11/11/10
TAGGED chinesepug, bottlefeed, puppy IN Health & Safety


How do I get my 4 month sheltie 2 stop nipping?

My dog likes to nip at my heels and herd the family. I know its sheltie instinct, but is there any way to stop it?? Hes really hurting me and the…

ASKED BY Huntington on 5/4/09
TAGGED shelties, herding, nipping, squirtbottle IN Behavior & Training

Red Lady Pooker

Pooker had 4 pups 11/24/07.How much formula (what & how often) do you give to a dachshund puppy that has a deformed lip?

Puppy was born weighing 6.3oz. Last night I discovered she wasn't able to get a suction when nursing and she looked like she lost half her weight. I…

ASKED BY Red Lady Pooker on 11/26/07
TAGGED newborn, bottlefeeding, cleftlip, lipdeformity, weightloss IN Other Health & Wellness

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