My 1 year old GSD/Dobie mix recently started to pace between 3-5am?

Duke is about 1 year, GSD/Dobbie mix. We adopted him at 6 months. He has been doing great w/ training, eats California Natural in the am & pm, gets at…

ASKED BY Duke on 12/13/12
TAGGED behavior, pacing, boredom IN Other Behavior & Training

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What's the best way to get my dog ready for when two of four family members leave for college?

My dog is just over a year old and last year she adjusted (slowly and grudgingly) to my sister being at college. I was in high school, so I was home…

ASKED BY Member 1121094 on 7/17/12
TAGGED leaving, family, dog, labradorretriever, college, boredom IN Behavior & Training

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Stop dog from chewing misc. items?

Tonka is an American Bulldog, and is 4 yrs old and great companion. However, in the last few weeks he has been chewing up everthing ie…

ASKED BY Member 1066443 on 10/26/11
TAGGED chewing, boredom IN Chewing

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My wife and I work nights (1am to 5:30am) and sleep in the mornings. How can we make this schedule work for a puppy?

We both have a job delivering newspapers with the ability to stop at home for awhile if needed. We are getting a 7 month old English Mastiff and…

ASKED BY Member 1041723 on 7/21/11
TAGGED worknights, sleepschedule, puppy, mastiff, boredom IN Behavior & Training


How do I keep my dog(and myself) from going crazy during crate rest for his leg injury?

Oscar has had a limp for a few months - I think he injured himself after playing with bigger dogs. He doesn't appear to be in pain unless the vet…

ASKED BY Oscar on 6/17/09
TAGGED craterest, confinement, boredom IN Health & Wellness

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Injured bored dog?

Our pup dog has a broken leg with a pin inserted, and for 12 weeks he is not allowed to romp. He is in a soft cast and must stay confined to a cage…

ASKED BY Member 838015 on 5/20/09
TAGGED confined, bored, boredom, puppy, injured IN Health & Wellness

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If a Miniature Schnauzer climbs up on a lap and then bats the owner with her paw, is this aggression, boredom or play?

I am helping a friend with obedience training of her 13 month Miniature Schnauzer. One of the behavioral problems the dog has is climbing up on…

ASKED BY Member 806456 on 2/19/09
TAGGED minatureschnauzer, behaviorproblems, aggression, boredom IN Behavior & Training

Molly Sue Swiper

I am trying to find some sort of "work" for my beagles?

My 2 beagles are one year and younger. They are sooo bored, and despite the fact that they have a ton of toys, bones and eachother to play with in a…

ASKED BY Molly Sue Swiper on 1/27/09
TAGGED boredom, beagles, destroying IN Beagle

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