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Will my border collie protect me?

see i have a border collie female. i adopted her. it was actually accident i met her. see a year ago i begged my parents to get me a border collie…

ASKED BY Member 1249620 on 7/23/15
TAGGED bordercollie, protection, adopt, adoption, dogs IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is my puppy in danger?

I have a 7 month old border collie puppy named Shola, who we desexed about 3 weeks ago. Shola is completely housetrained, so the accidents aren't…

ASKED BY Member 1249361 on 7/16/15
TAGGED health, sickness, urinating, bordercollie IN Health & Wellness

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Help please can anyone tell me if my puppy is a pure border collie? He was abandond and I have taken him in?

We have taken in an abandond male boarder collie puppy he is around 14 weeks short haired I was just wondering if there was anyway I can tell his…

ASKED BY Member 1243246 on 3/3/15
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How can i reduce my border collie's food aggression and OCD habits?

Hello, I have a 2 year old border collie who has been quite troublesome all his life. He runs around constantly in the same circle and has made a…

ASKED BY Pablo on 1/14/15
TAGGED food, aggression, ocd, bordercollie, dominance, workingdog, biting, growling IN Behavior & Training

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Possible new blue heeler border collie mix puppy but i work 8 hrs a day?

I have a friend whos dog has had blue heeler border collie mix puppies. I have two dogs (Australian Shepard and mini doxie) and a cat who plays with…

ASKED BY Member 1228102 on 6/5/14
TAGGED blueheelerbordercolliemixpuppy IN Adoption & Rescue

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My Border Collie mix is extremely aggressive towards strangers. Any suggestions?

When we adopted my BC(Border Collie) my family knew nothing about the breed or its needs. After we got her of course we started doing research and…

ASKED BY Member 1213555 on 2/28/14
TAGGED biting, behaviour, problems, bordercollie, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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I lived in Texas for 5 years where my rescue dog Heidi was on a heartworm régimen. I then moved to Bisbee AZ?

In case a heartworm test is necessary what has to be done? Are there any low income providers in Tucson for that? Everything I do for my very much…

ASKED BY Member 1194636 on 10/15/13
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How to housetrain an outside dog so he won't potty inside when visiting family/friends?

We have a 7 month old border collie/red heeler mix. He started as an indoor dog, crate and house training were progressing. Unfortunately, in the…

ASKED BY Pixel on 9/12/13
TAGGED outside, crate, housetrain, bordercollie, redheeler, potty, mess IN House Soiling

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