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Bone stuck in puppy's rectum. Feeling discouraged. What did I do wrong?

We have a 32lb 3 month old Shiloh Shepherd who eats 3 times a day. We started with a high quality, grain free kibble plus the odd bit of chicken…

ASKED BY Member 1236526 on 10/30/14
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My dog won't eat raw food?

I started the raw food diet with my dachshund and he loved it the first few days but now he won't touch it. I ground the chicken bones with the…

ASKED BY Member 1211532 on 2/7/14
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I have a neighbor who continually feeds my dog cooked chicken bones! What do I do?

I have asked her multiple times to not do it & informed her of the dangers. Yet, just yesterday I caught her doing it again?! I'm wondering if there…

ASKED BY Member 1196708 on 10/29/13
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Raw meaty Bones diet. Has anyone fed large bones successfully? I know they are supposed to break teeth. Evidence pls?

Not planning to talk to a vet about this, but I have consulted the RMB website. My dogs are Border Collies, currently on a 50/50 diet of quality…

ASKED BY Member 1185025 on 8/11/13
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Start a dogster blog?

i like to start a dogster blog to talk about dogs in general and how dogs on dogster have been doing and offer support for dogster and catster.

ASKED BY Member 1128738 on 9/1/12
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