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Bone stuck in puppy's rectum. Feeling discouraged. What did I do wrong?

We have a 32lb 3 month old Shiloh Shepherd who eats 3 times a day. We started with a high quality, grain free kibble plus the odd bit of chicken…

ASKED BY Member 1236526 on 10/30/14
TAGGED bones, stuck, rmb, rawmeatybones IN Raw Food

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Hi everybody. I have a question I really hope someone would like to help me with. I live in Denmark, and two months ago?

Don't know if you have it over there, but when we got her, she ate Royal Kanin, then we tried slowly to change it over to Pedigree bacause she refused…

ASKED BY Member 1232558 on 8/22/14
TAGGED food, redbone, coonhound, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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I gave my dog a cooked pork shoulder bone & now diarrhea?

I gave my dog a cooked pork shoulder bone on Wednesday and she nearly inhaled it. I'm not sure if she chewed it up. On Thursday morning she pooped…

ASKED BY Member 1224421 on 5/2/14
TAGGED diarrhea, bone, bile IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog won't eat raw food?

I started the raw food diet with my dachshund and he loved it the first few days but now he won't touch it. I ground the chicken bones with the…

ASKED BY Member 1211532 on 2/7/14
TAGGED food, raw, gound, bones, cooked IN Homemade Food

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How do we stop our dog from being food aggressive?

Our 7-year old black lab/golden retriever mix has always growled and snarled when people come near her and her food or bone. The problem is, our…

ASKED BY Member 1208566 on 1/30/14
TAGGED foodaggression, resourceguarding, kids, children, childrenanddogs, kidsanddogs, foodbowl, boneaggression, growling IN Behavior & Training

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I have a neighbor who continually feeds my dog cooked chicken bones! What do I do?

I have asked her multiple times to not do it & informed her of the dangers. Yet, just yesterday I caught her doing it again?! I'm wondering if there…

ASKED BY Member 1196708 on 10/29/13
TAGGED neighbor, feeding, chickenbones IN Laws & Legislation


How to determine rescued Redbone's age?

I'm not sure how old he is. I would like to get an estimate. We just rescued him a couple of days ago. Any advice would be appreciate. Here are a…

ASKED BY Red on 9/14/13
TAGGED age, redbone IN Health & Wellness

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