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[8:37:20 PM] arsalan ayub: The Nitro X Proseries vitamin supplement scam?

Sites there's not a whole lot do other than try your best to yetis work site and unite course the video on that one covering some different…

ASKED BY Member 1232847 on 8/26/14
TAGGED muscle, body IN Health & Wellness

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My dog has dandruff?

I just gave her a bath a few days ago and she didn't have dandruff before the bath and now she does. I used baby shampoo (sensitive, no tear). It's…

ASKED BY Member 1228644 on 6/13/14
TAGGED dandruff, dog, hound, mix, five, skin, problems, body, bath, baby, shampoo IN Skin Problems


How to please the instincts of my Shih-tzu?

I believe their instincts are guarding-related and alert-related. I'm not sure how to engage him in a way that would let him flex the abilities that…

ASKED BY Oru on 9/25/12
TAGGED shihtzu, engage, train, skill, skills, oru, energy, mind, body, insinct, health, guarding, hearing, ability, abilities, speed IN Other Behavior & Training

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How warm is a Yorkshire normally? And what reasons would it hve to shake uncontrollably?

I recently acquired this Yorkie when I found her running for her life on the road. When her owner came out of the house, she bolted as fast as she…

ASKED BY Member 1102673 on 3/28/12
TAGGED yorkie, yorkshireterrier, health, shaking, bodyheat, temperature IN Health & Wellness

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Why is he scared of the kitchen?

My year old Lab is really well behaved, loveable, very affectionate and does as he told all the time. For reasons unknown, for the past month he has…

ASKED BY Member 1065117 on 10/21/11
TAGGED kitchen, scared, lab, cheese, treats, bodylanguage, pinnedback, timid, safeplace, worried, lost, encourage, floor, fear IN Fears & Phobias

Yuki Joy

Is this normal? He looks sick?

Just found this little guy and i couldnt leave him out there. Im taking this little guy to the vet tomorrow but until then i wanna know what you…

ASKED BY Yuki Joy on 4/28/11
TAGGED halfofbodyfathalfskinny IN Health & Wellness

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I have Shih Tzu that has a non-itchy rash.It looks like little red pimples all over that drain,dry up and scale?

My 9 yr old Shih Tzu has a rash with reddish pimples that drain and become scaley. It doesn't seem to itch. Her hair looks dull. She gets Omega 3…

ASKED BY Member 1025185 on 3/1/11
TAGGED nonitchy, pimples, scaley, wholebodyrash IN Skin Problems

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