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Cage free dog boarding NJ isn't for every dog, since some don't do well in group situations?

Traditional kennel style boarding has been around for some time, but a new development in boarding that is growing in popularity, is called cage…

ASKED BY Member 1236535 on 10/30/14
TAGGED cagefreedogboardingnj, dogboardingnj IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Looking for a good dog boarder/kennel in Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State?

Looking for one where my 2 dogs can stay together, not be around a bunch of other dogs and eat their own food and get some actual attention and play…

ASKED BY Maiya on 9/26/13
TAGGED kennel, boarding, petsitting IN U.S. Pacific Northwest

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Help! I boarded my husky for a week and now he is sick?

My husband and I went on vacation for a week and boarded our husky. He has never been away from us for that long and he is 7 years old. When we…

ASKED BY Member 1130473 on 9/12/12
TAGGED husky, sick, boarding, health IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why is my dog acting this way?

After we boarded our dog for 4 days and just got him back from our trip, he's been acting very unusual. He will refuse to eat his food except treats…

ASKED BY Member 1119012 on 7/4/12
TAGGED boarding, dog, trip, vacation, weird IN Other Behavior & Training

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What do I do when my dog eats an emery board/nail file? What should I feed him for a few days?

My 8 lb. dog ate about 1/2 of an emery board nail file. He definitely chewed on it b/c there are teeth impressions, but the leftover bits are also…

ASKED BY Member 981257 on 5/30/12
TAGGED emeryboard, nailfile, eating IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Boarding in/near Victorville, CA for Jack-Rat Terrier mix? Who is good? Thank you?

Need boarding in/near Victorville, CA for Jack-Rat terrier mix. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated

ASKED BY Member 1068203 on 11/3/11
TAGGED boarding, board, jackrussel, ratterrier, overnight IN Travel & Recreation

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What is the best way to train a dog that has a strong fear aggressive response to kids on skateboards, squirrls, and oth?

I have a 2 and a half year old female Boston Terrier that becomes fear aggressive around other dogs, skateboarders, motocycles, birds and squirrls. My…

ASKED BY Member 976088 on 3/21/10
TAGGED fearaggression, bostonterrier, trainingmethods, skateboards IN Fears & Phobias


Any in-home boarders in Gainesville Florida?

I want to know if anyone offers an in-house boarding service? I have a large and small dog that need to be boarded for 6 days. I don't like the idea…

ASKED BY Cosmo on 11/20/09
TAGGED homeboarding, gainesville, florida IN Local Spots & Services

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