Getting a blue heeler any tips?

I will be getting my first blue heeler in a week. I have had And grew up with many different breeds of dogs. I researched a lot about this breed and…

ASKED BY Ryder on 3/20/14
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My year old blue heeler wont stop chewing . I have tried everything i can think of! Any suggestions?

i have tried running her around the backyard with my other dog to get that puppy energy out. i have tried a thunder jacket, that was no help. i have…

ASKED BY Member 1208520 on 1/9/14
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Blue heeler is scared of fireworks and loud noises what should i do?

what should i do if my blue heeler named Trouble won't go outside because he is scared each and every time he goes out to use the bathroom he get…

ASKED BY Trouble on 1/2/14
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I have a 1 year old male Blue Heeler and he is very reactive on walks...to just about everything?

His name is Murphy and we've been struggling with his reactivity/on-leash aggression for months now. I initially had a trainer, and we were making…

ASKED BY Murphy on 12/5/13
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We just got a 6 month old Blue heeler/lab. She is so full of energy. Do we need to take her outside to run every 1-2 hr?

We have never had a blueheeler/lab puppy. She sniffs everywhere in our house and seems to love her chew toys and a stuffed little bear we have. Do…

ASKED BY Member 1147472 on 12/31/12
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Annibell Lee Oakley

Dog behavior problem. need help ASAP?

My dog is VERY protective, goes after people when with me, barks a lot, pulls on her lead, dislikes children and has a tendency to try and nip them. I…

ASKED BY Annibell Lee Oakley "Annie Oak on 3/2/12
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Why does my spayed F, 18 mos.-old beagle/blue heeler mix, try to smother me on the bed?

I got Sasha when she was about 10 weeks old; bought her for $20 from a farmer's wife at a flea market. She was one of 6/litter. She's had top vet…

ASKED BY Member 1064919 on 10/20/11
TAGGED behavior, beagle, blueheeler, smothering, female IN Behavior & Training

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