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Why does my dog have a blackish spot on the lower belly next to his private part?

I went off for two days and left my dog at my uncles and I just changed his food would that be why when I come back I noticed a brownish blackish spot…

ASKED BY Member 1170332 on 5/15/13
TAGGED newfoodblackbrownspothealth IN Health & Wellness

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What is the breed of my dog?

I have had this dog 10 years now. But, I have never determined his breed. Here is his quick description: Large, Black & Brown, Long Tail, Looks a bit…

ASKED BY Member 1157724 on 3/3/13
TAGGED dogs, doberman, shepherd, labrador, mixedbreed, years, blackbrown, largedog, whatbreedishe IN Mixed Breeds

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Why is my Maltese shedding little black flecks?

My 3 yr. old female Maltese has recently started shedding, what looks like, little black flecks. It isn't lice or flees. I've been told that it's…

ASKED BY Member 1145441 on 12/16/12
TAGGED maltese, female, shedding, blackspecks IN Skin Problems


Is this dog a German Short Haired Pointer? We adopted him from the pound. What do you think?

We adopted this puppy under the title "Lab mix" from the local Humane Society, but I believe he is actually a black German Short Haired Pointer. He…

ASKED BY Beckett on 11/24/12
TAGGED breeds, german, pointer, mixed, id, identification, type, breedtype, rescue, humane, humansociety, pound, lab, labrador, black IN Breeds

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My dogs skin has turned very dark. Why?

We adopted a Pom mix in June. She had pretty pinkish colored skin on her underside. We had her groomed in August and everything was fine. We had her…

ASKED BY Member 1141986 on 11/24/12
TAGGED dark, black, skin, loss, hair IN Health & Wellness

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