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How do i keep my dog from breaking the wooden fence?

i have a big 5 y, lab/pit mix and he keeps breaking out the fence!!and im a 13 year old girl and my dad cant buy an electric fence plus i hate those…

ASKED BY Member 1142344 on 11/26/12
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3mth old german shep. puppy was bitten by another older dog.wounds are really deep and they are oozing.How to treat?

My puppy was bitten by another older dog all over his body, the wounds are really deep and they are oozing, they are on his belly, under his neck, and…

ASKED BY Member 1104498 on 4/6/12
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Kali Neal

Why is my puppy's right side of the face swollen after getting attacked by another dog?

My 6 week old puppy got attacked by a Blue Heeler. She has a small hole on her left side between her jaw and cheek bone. And then on her left side all…

ASKED BY Kali Neal on 11/11/11
TAGGED puppy, bitten IN Health & Wellness

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My dog got bitten on his forehead, n swollen between his right eye and nose. what to do?

He is an year old Labrador. He got into fight and is bitten on his forehead (shallow bite). He has scratches near his lips and is a bit swollen…

ASKED BY Member 1045872 on 8/14/11
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My dog bit someone who was warned and i am worried as to what will hapen now. please help?

my dog has bitten a person on the arm and it seemed kind of deep but not serious, the person is sending txts about the law and how he wil most…

ASKED BY Archer on 10/17/08
TAGGED biting, bite, law, dog, help, bitten, put, down IN Animal Control