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Our new dog bit my daughter two times?

Hi, I can't figure out what's going on with this dog. He's some kind of Shih-tzu mix from the Humane Society and about 3 years old. He gets along with…

ASKED BY Member 1248055 on 2/5/16
TAGGED kids, shihtzu, biting IN Aggression

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What do I do about my dog??? I found dry blood in his lower back, base of his tail and hind leg?

Me and my mom are worries about my pup he's 11 and a half months and doesn't have his shots yet. She is a single parent with 3 boys and I only…

ASKED BY Member 1249597 on 7/22/15
TAGGED skin, blood, fleas, tail, back, biting, itching, help IN Skin Problems

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Is there a way to change aggressive behavior?

I have recently adopted a hound mix named Charlie. A coworker of mine was fostering him and before I adopted him she made it clear that he was kind of…

ASKED BY Member 1249571 on 7/22/15
TAGGED aggressivebehavior, biting IN Behavior & Training


Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck on 7/10/15
TAGGED random, dog, puppy, bites, biting, growls, growling, snarl, snarling, bernedoodle, wontwalk, walks, plops, pancakes, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

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6 month old bernedoodle randomly lunges, snarls, and bites me, rips my clothes while on walks. Why?! How do I stop it?

He is a great pup most of the time, passed puppy kindergarten, but he has these fits where he lunges, growls and bites. It has only happened with…

ASKED BY Member 1249108 on 7/9/15
TAGGED lunging, biting, bites, lunges, snarls, growls, random, puppy, bernedoodle, refusestowalk, pancakes, aggression, walks, walk, ripsclothes, behavior, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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MY new 1yr old female german shepherd keeps trying to dominate my 13yr old female chocolate lab?

She jumps on her, bites her, and walks around her. How do i stop this?

ASKED BY Member 1248964 on 7/6/15
TAGGED dominance, aggression, stop, new, dog, biting, jumping IN Aggression

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Little 1 year old Maltese girl nipping at visitors' ankles and barking at any visitors! Need help please?

My dog is a year old now, she's a 4 lb. Maltese girl. Every time someone walks in my house (someone who doesn't live there) she barks along with my…

ASKED BY Member 1248729 on 6/29/15
TAGGED anklenipping, maltese, smalldog, biting, nipping, barking, methods IN Methods of Training

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Crusty substance on dogs ear tips/itchy dog body/itchy human body?

To keep it short and sweet, my dogs have itchy bodies, mostly on their feet, ears, and stomachs. I have a female corgi/papillon mix (age 2) with a…

ASKED BY Member 1248414 on 6/21/15
TAGGED itching, bites, crusties, crusty, ears IN Health & Wellness

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