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We were pet sitting for a friend and the dog was hit by a car and died. Who is responsible for paying the vet bill?

After the vet told the owners their dog had a 20-30% and then later a 5% chance of survival they continued to have more expensive procedures done. Are…

ASKED BY Member 1156264 on 2/20/13
TAGGED doghbc, dogsitting, emergency, vet, bill, responsible, party IN Laws & Legislation

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How do I remove myself from dogster so I won't be billed again?

I want to leave Dogster permanently as I no longer have time. I do not want to be billed like I was before. How can I do this to wnsure I won't be…

ASKED BY Member 204290 on 8/31/10
TAGGED account, delete, billing, cancel IN The Dogster Website

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I have a female german shepherd that has bad hips,and not much control over bodily functions.What can I do?

I adopted Daisey Mae only 2 years ago from a local animal shelter where she was found a stray. They think she was used for breeding and when they were…

ASKED BY Member 826325 on 4/14/09
TAGGED germanshepherd, affordablevetbill, putdown, lossofbodilyfunctions IN General

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Are there any vet cost when you choose to foster a dog?

I'm thinking of fostering a brussels griffon. I've never fostered before and I was wondering what the costs would be. I know I can do the food, water…

ASKED BY Bruno Moosolini on 3/25/09
TAGGED fostering, vetbills IN Adoption & Rescue

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We bought a pitbull terrier fri and sat he was not eatin and sick.mon we took him to the vet and he has said?

he had it when we bought him. The bill will be around 900 dollars for treatment. Who legally has to pay the vet bill? us, the lady we bought him…

ASKED BY Member 778269 on 12/9/08
TAGGED pitbullterrier, puppy, vetbills, parvo, legaly IN Laws & Legislation

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Pedigree recall?

my dogs consumed 20# of the recalled pedigree food.i was concerned so i took them to our vet for a checkup to be safe.can mars be held liable for…

ASKED BY Member 744181 on 9/29/08
TAGGED recall, vetbill, liability IN Laws & Legislation

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