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Does anyone guess what kind of breeds mix my dog is?

I was thinking about Jack russell terrier Italian greyhound Bernese Mountain Dog She has bernese's colours but she's a terrier... She runs…

ASKED BY Member 1029687 on 4/9/11
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Counter Surfing Help?

I have a four year old bernese mountain dog with a MAJOR counter surfing problem. She has to be supervised at all times because she will jump up and…

ASKED BY Member 963718 on 2/13/10
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These are my dream dogs- bernese mountain dog & bull terrier! can they live together in peace?

i love bull terriers so does my mom. is the female or male more dominant i know they are an independant breed and some can be other animal…

ASKED BY ♥Molly♥ on 12/28/09
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Hi!I have got a 2 years old female Bernese.She is NEVER barking.What should I do to make her bark?

My bernese Girl Bernie is a realy good natured dog.But she is not barking at any way..I am trying to make him bark with other dogs, games, high…

ASKED BY Bernie on 10/21/09
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My 6 yr old Berner was running around silly this he is limping and refusing to let me touch his paw?

I can move his leg in full range of motion, but he flinches when I touch his paw. I checked for stones, thorns, and other debris. There is no…

ASKED BY Member 818879 on 3/23/09
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My 8 month old Bernese is limping off and on after a short run. Should we have him x-rayed or give it a few of weeks?

We have an 8 month old Bernese Mountain dog who I took on a short run the other day (About 1 mile) to burn off some energy. Since then he has been…

ASKED BY Member 657279 on 7/17/08
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The shelter said I was Australian Shepard/Queensland Heeler Mommy thinks I am a Bernese Mountain Mix, what do you think?

The roof of my mouth is pure black, marking seem to be "perfect" not real hyper, really cuddly, heels when walked and sits when approached, no…

ASKED BY Boomer on 2/11/08
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