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My dog has been violently scratching her face constantly, to the point of hairloss. What is wrong with her? :'(?

She's a 15 year old scottish terrier, spayed, and recently had her first (and only as far as we know) seizure back in April. She has liver problems…

ASKED BY Member 1247756 on 6/7/15
TAGGED itching, scratching, liver, liverdisease, scottish, terrier, scottishterrier, dog, skin, hairloss, fur, beard IN Illness & Disease


Is my dog, BearBear, a full pomeranian?

Hello my fellow dogsters! I'm new here, and this is my dog BearBear! I was just curious if BearBear is a full Pomeranian? When I bought him from the…

ASKED BY BearBear on 3/4/13
TAGGED pom, pomeranian, bear, dog, puppy, doggy, pup IN Breeds N-R

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Raw food dirreah?

I have just started my GSD on a raw diet, he is now having dirreah just started 5 days ago but before that he was fine with only having one case of…

ASKED BY Member 1119026 on 7/4/12
TAGGED raw, dirreah, chicken, bear, buffalo, bison, beef, poultry, bones, raw, sick IN Raw Food


I was just curious if anyone has a guess of what breed he is? The shelter suggested bearded collie, but I don't see it?

We just adopted him, however we won't be able to bring him home until mid May, once he has been fully vettes. In the meantime, I was just wondering…

ASKED BY Louis on 4/27/11
TAGGED beardedcollie, breed IN Breeds

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I have a 4 year old bearded collie who keeps getting loose stools. Very nervous dog. I believe has separation anxiety?

4 Year old beared collie. Has diahrea or loose stools. Has benn in Flagyl. Nervous dog. Pls. help.We live in the north where there is snow.

ASKED BY Member 963650 on 2/13/10
TAGGED beardedcollies, stomach IN Health & Wellness


How do I contact someone with a dog here on this site?

My dog that you had posted awhile back as stolen is on the site. The # of the person is 771766. They are in Tallahasse Fl. Please have them contact…

ASKED BY Bear on 10/24/08
TAGGED bear IN Adoption & Rescue

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Dog ate gummy bears now cannot hold food or water down?

Golden retriever ate 2lbs of gummy bears and now is throwing up water and anything that I give her (bread, dog food). She is acting fine and is…

ASKED BY Member 739933 on 9/20/08
TAGGED gummybears, vomit, thirsty IN Health & Wellness

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