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My dog loves the beach and water, so much so that she won't leave the beach! Help please?

My dog loves the beach and water, so much so that she won't leave the beach! She will not come as long as there are other people and dogs on the…

ASKED BY Member 1232740 on 8/24/14
TAGGED beach, water, obsessive, recall IN Other Behavior & Training


First time camping with my dog, advice?

I've decided to go camping for my birthday and there is a nice beach area that also has a dog beach, dog park and pet friendly campsites. I've been…

ASKED BY Cairo on 6/3/13
TAGGED camping, advice, beach IN Other Travel & Recreation

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Well Im quite desperate right now, my black labrador pushed a kid while we were on a beach in Puerto Rico. Can I be sued?

The child was 5 or 6 years old but she was really skinny. My dog weights 80 pounds, but he is not agressive at all, he was just playing. The kid…

ASKED BY Member 1113090 on 5/29/12
TAGGED law, pushing, beach IN Laws & Legislation

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Taking my 2yr old white lab to lake Erie Will Miley's paws burn in the sand like my feet do, sun burn what do I need?

What I need for her. What should Know. Were on land no boating.

ASKED BY Member 1112006 on 5/22/12
TAGGED beach, sunburn, theheat, hotgroundsafety IN Travel & Recreation

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Has anyone been to the doggy beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario?

I was just wondering because I was thinking of visiting it sometime. Maybe not this summer, since this summer is almost over... But maybe next summer…

ASKED BY Member 1001093 on 8/18/10
TAGGED beach, summer, water, ontario, sandbanks IN Canada


My friends dog has white foamy-drool when it goes to the dog beach?

As soon as his dog gets to the beach it starts manufesting a white thick foam from his mouth. My friend asked me several times to bring my…

ASKED BY Asta on 8/2/10
TAGGED white, foam, dog, beach IN Illness & Disease

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