First time camping with my dog, advice?

I've decided to go camping for my birthday and there is a nice beach area that also has a dog beach, dog park and pet friendly campsites. I've been…

ASKED BY Cairo on 6/3/13
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Well Im quite desperate right now, my black labrador pushed a kid while we were on a beach in Puerto Rico. Can I be sued?

The child was 5 or 6 years old but she was really skinny. My dog weights 80 pounds, but he is not agressive at all, he was just playing. The kid…

ASKED BY Member 1113090 on 5/29/12
TAGGED law, pushing, beach IN Laws & Legislation

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Taking my 2yr old white lab to lake Erie Will Miley's paws burn in the sand like my feet do, sun burn what do I need?

What I need for her. What should Know. Were on land no boating.

ASKED BY Member 1112006 on 5/22/12
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Has anyone been to the doggy beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario?

I was just wondering because I was thinking of visiting it sometime. Maybe not this summer, since this summer is almost over... But maybe next summer…

ASKED BY Member 1001093 on 8/18/10
TAGGED beach, summer, water, ontario, sandbanks IN Canada


My friends dog has white foamy-drool when it goes to the dog beach?

As soon as his dog gets to the beach it starts manufesting a white thick foam from his mouth. My friend asked me several times to bring my…

ASKED BY Asta on 8/2/10
TAGGED white, foam, dog, beach IN Illness & Disease


Is there a beach that is dog friendly in Brick, NJ?

I saw a sign for a beach, Brick Lake I think it was called, in Bricktown NJ. Would love to take my dogs for a swim just not sure if they are dog…

ASKED BY Casey on 5/23/10
TAGGED beach, swimming IN U.S. Northeast

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