Pup bathrooming in the house...it i for attention?

Hi Guys! I recently adopted an 11 month old rat terrier/lab mix from the shelter. Not much is known of his history as the shelter got him at age 9…

ASKED BY Apollo 10 hours, 49 minutes ago
TAGGED bathroom, attention, housebreaking, housetraining, pee, urinate, poop, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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My 7m old pit recently noticed between his toes are red, swollen and raw like. Within 48hr began drooling excessively?

My 7month old pit bull recently noticed between his toes are red, swollen and raw-like. No visible cuts or scabs. At first only noticed it on one paw…

ASKED BY Member 1242702 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED redbetweentoes IN Emergencies & First Aid

Smokey Bear

How do I break a 1.5 year old pomeranian's leash aggression?

He is a sweet dog when he calms down, but he randomly lunges out at walkers coming by, whether they have a dog or not. Never harmed anyone, but some…

ASKED BY Smokey Bear 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED leashaggression, anxiousbehavior, pomeranian IN Aggression

California's Finest

Cali has what looks like a skin tag, just need some clarification?

Ok so she's had this thing growing on her leg for awhile now. It started out really small and it's been slow growing. It protrudes from her actually…

ASKED BY California's Finest on 1/30/15
TAGGED skintag, malignant, benign, skindisease IN Skin Problems

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Can I take my puppy out?

I rescued a 8 weeks old beagle lab mix. I got her today, up to date with her vaccination but she didn't got yet the rabies vac. Can I take her out…

ASKED BY Member 1241648 on 1/30/15
TAGGED beagle, lab, puppy IN Health & Safety

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Dog afraid of a room?

My dog is afraid of the "dog room". It's where he and his brother sleep, eat, and all their toys and such are put. We've lived here for 2 years now…

ASKED BY Member 1241588 on 1/28/15
TAGGED fear, anxiety, behavior, phobia IN Fears & Phobias

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How do I get my 7 months old American Eskimo female to like me and people in general. She's not very friendly. Help?

I have a 3 years old American eskimo male, and a 7 months old female whom we got when she was 2 months old. the male is the most lovable dog you'll…

ASKED BY Member 1241572 on 1/28/15
TAGGED americaneskimo, eskie, female, behaviorissues, americaneskimobehavior IN Behavior & Training

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Four month old rat terrier puppy finds affection way down on her list of wants?

Loving is avoided. Laying with us is definitely out of the question. There is no growling or expressing fear, just wanting loose as soon as possible…

ASKED BY Member 1241472 on 1/26/15
TAGGED behavior, affection, petting, cuddling IN Behavior & Training

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