Skin issue help?

Hi there, I'm at a loss with my BFF right now, and please excuse his profile picture, I figured it might help to see some of the skin that's being…

ASKED BY Kingston 4 days, 5 hours ago
TAGGED itchy, swollen, leathery, elephant, vet, baths, allergy IN Skin Problems

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I'm wanting to start taking really good care of my pomeranian, but I don,t know what to do! I need to know how often and?

I have a pomeranian. I need tips and information on how to care for my pomeranian. I want to treat him like a king. I'm new at this.

ASKED BY Member 1222158 6 days, 10 hours ago
TAGGED bathe, bath, groom, grooming, pomeranian, tips, dog, care, king IN Grooming

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Dog was sprayed by a skunk?

My dog was sprayed by a skunk 2 weeks ago. We immediately bathed him, and have since given him 5 baths. We've tried everything. Hydrogen peroxide…

ASKED BY Member 1212085 on 2/19/14
TAGGED skunk, bath, odor, spray IN Bathing

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Why does my dog get in and stand in the bathtub if she hates baths, and has clean fresh water?

Three year old Labrador Retriever. We keep finding her standing in the bathtub. Can't figure it out. She absolutely hates baths, and hides when we try…

ASKED BY Member 1209307 on 1/13/14
TAGGED bathtub IN Behavior & Training


Favorite Dry Shampoos? Is Borax Okay?

I'm just curious what y'all do as far as dry dog shampoos. Shasta is quite the smelly boy, so a wet-bath will only keep him good smelling for about…

ASKED BY Shasta on 12/31/13
TAGGED dry, shampoo, bath, borax IN Home Grooming


Usual vets here in the Philippines advices not to bathe a pup after vaccination?

What will happen if my american akita (3.5 month old)got drizzled by the rain? He had vaccination 3 days ago. I toweled him to dry him off. Although…

ASKED BY Kiara on 10/20/13
TAGGED bath, vaccination, puppy, antirabies IN Vaccinations

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My dog has red bumps that vary in size and are flaky on his back, he has no fleas or ticks and he is bathed every week?

We bathe him every week, he is clean of any fleas or ticks, he is a puppy

ASKED BY Member 1159900 on 3/21/13
TAGGED skin, food, bath, health, help IN Health & Wellness

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How 2get my 3yr Yorkie to stop pooping & peeing on himself while in his cage & around the house even after going outside?

I have a 3year old Yorkie that was given to me when he was almost 1 yrs old. 2 years later and he is still always pooping and peeing everywhere around…

ASKED BY Member 1156132 on 2/20/13
TAGGED caging, bathroomtraining IN House Soiling

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