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What to do ? HELP?

he's 2 months old and he is a pomapoo . ( pomeranian m. poodle. I just got him two days ago. And he keeps crying at night. He cries and bark . Iam…

ASKED BY Member 1124279 on 8/6/12
TAGGED puppies, puppy, help, kennel, barks, bark, night, pomapoo, poodle, pomeranian IN Behavior & Training

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My dog has always been very outgoing, lately he is becoming very afraid of people and barks a lot, why?

i have a beautiful cocker spaniel 8 months old, i have him since he was 3, he has always been very friendly with people and dogs, and i have socialize…

ASKED BY Member 1109777 on 5/7/12
TAGGED barks, scared, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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My rescue Shih Tzu from a mill loves everyone in our house except my husband. She is scared of him and he has done noth?

He has tried feeding her and giving her treats he gets down on the floor at her level. She will put up with him rubbing her and then as soon as he…

ASKED BY Member 1092438 on 2/15/12
TAGGED fear, rescue, husband, barks, runs IN Behavior & Training

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Why dose my dog act calm around other dogs, but when I allow him to go closer, he sniffs, and barks aggressively?

My dog Cooper is a German Shepard Boxer Mix that we adopted about 8 months ago. He is the sweetest dog you would ever meet. But when I take him on…

ASKED BY Member 1009113 on 10/22/10
TAGGED agressionbarksniffcoopergermanshepardboxermixwalkcalmhelpconfusedconfusion IN Other Behavior & Training

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My dogs collar came off, should i make it tighter?

Dagger keeps getting off the chain when his collar comes off, should i make it tighter or change the collar to a none-click collar, and get the one…

ASKED BY Member 1002749 on 10/17/10
TAGGED hedoesthisonlywhenhebarks IN Barking

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We have a new dog beauty when I walk her she pulls and barks and runs back and forth on her lease. I have about given up?

When we first got her she had medical issues and I have back problems so she has been a good dog for me for needing to walk. She gets along with our…

ASKED BY Member 1005618 on 9/26/10
TAGGED barksatotherdogswhileiwalkher IN Behavior & Training

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Any way I can get my dog to stop barking at cars?

When my dog sees a car, Harley will start barking at it....we think because he's on a 1 lane road so it's kinda hard for him to think what his own…

ASKED BY Member 1000503 on 8/14/10
TAGGED cavalierkingcharlesspaniel, barksatcars IN Barking

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My 5 month old boxer barks at others when walk by?

ASKED BY Member 986998 on 5/13/10
TAGGED myboxerbarks, tootherswhenwalkby IN Barking

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