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How enforceable is a contract between a breeder and a buyer? If a buyer violates a part of the contract, specifically t?

How enforceable is a contract between a breeder and a buyer? If a buyer violates a part of the contract, specifically the buyer must return a dog…

ASKED BY Member 1210644 on 1/20/14
TAGGED breederwantsdogback IN Laws & Legislation

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Help with my mini poodle. She was attacked in the rear end by our border collie/aussie shep mix?

The mini poodle's rear end keeps collapsing. Her rear legs cannot support her and they are very shaky and wobbly. We had her to the vet Fri which is…

ASKED BY Member 1196272 on 10/26/13
TAGGED backend, rearlegcollapse IN Other Health & Wellness


I am new to raw feeding. Help me! (prey model diet)?

Here are the facts: My two boys are 3.5 years old and 4 years old. A week ago, they went RAW cold turkey. I have been feeding them CHICKEN…

ASKED BY Blue on 8/1/13
TAGGED rawfeeding, preymodeldiet, barfdiet, chickenbacks IN Food & Nutrition

Zhang Fei

I have a very itchy back?

I am a shih tzu, 4 and a half years old. I have had a itchy back for a few months now, and my mum is really worried. She has taken me to the vet a…

ASKED BY Zhang Fei on 6/25/13
TAGGED food, shampoo, itchyback, allergy IN Food & Nutrition

Daisy Mae

My 4yo shih-tzu recently started getting nasty bites all all down her back, following the line of her spine?

I have meticulously inspected every inch of her with a magnifying glass & tweezers (much to her dismay) but have not been able to find a source of the…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 4/20/13
TAGGED shihtzu, bugbites, back, invisible IN Skin Problems


Rhodesian Ridgeback and?

WayLin looks and acts a lot like a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but I think her legs are too short. She is a rescue and doesn't have a ridge. She only has…

ASKED BY WayLin on 2/15/13
TAGGED rhodesianridgeback IN Mixed Breeds

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My 3 month old puppy all of sudden doesn't like to be held on his back. He used to be completely fine with it.…

...but the last few times I picked him up and held him on his back he has squirmed, squealed and yelped until I put him down. When I put him down…

ASKED BY Member 1155314 on 2/14/13
TAGGED squeal, holding, holdingonback, fear IN Behavior & Training

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