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My dog is scared and having panic attacks when the turtle sneezes?

I am having issues with my dog and his anxity. We have a pet turtle and when the turtle sneezes he goes crazy. If the turtke blows bu nles he…

ASKED BY Member 1247656 on 6/5/15
TAGGED dog, panicattacks, anxity, medications, behavior, help IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 10 month old Lakeland Terrier to stop going on a crazy attack on my sliding door even when it is close?

How do I get my Lakeland Terrier to stop attacking the sliding glass door base even when it is closed???

ASKED BY Member 1159012 on 3/16/13
TAGGED lakelandterrier, attackingdoor, crazyslidingdoorattacks, dogattackingthings IN Behavior & Training

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What do I need from my doctor? Service dog?

I have severe panic attacks and anxiety. For the last year or so my dog has alerted to these before they get out of hand and allow me to take a step…

ASKED BY Member 1130369 on 9/11/12
TAGGED servicedog, phyciatricservicedog, dog, anxiety, panicattacks IN Laws & Legislation

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My dog attacks my sons dog, infrequently might go 4-5 months in between attacks. Usually around food, but not exclusive?

Okay My 5.1/2 yr old male fixed golden retriever, will attack my son's 6 yr old intact male cockier spaniel. The attacks are infrequently with no…

ASKED BY Member 1116061 on 6/16/12
TAGGED attacks, onother, dogs IN Aggression

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Can mistreatment lead a dog to attack later?

A friend has picked up a stray dog, malnourished, under weigh and very battered. Two weeks later the dog hasnt barked, she walks with her tail…

ASKED BY Member 1070950 on 11/15/11
TAGGED mistreatment, pyschological, attacks IN Behavior & Training


I have a 4 year old Maltese. He recently has been attacked by 3 different dogs. I am really worried. Any suggestions?

He is aggressive on leash (doesn't bite, just growling). We have lived here for 2 years and never had a problem and now in the last 2 weeks 3…

ASKED BY Caesar on 3/30/11
TAGGED aggression, dogattacks, dogwalking IN Aggression

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My service dog was attacked on her bed on my own porch by a neighbor's smaller pet dog. We share a common courtyard?

I am disabled. My trained Service Dog is a female Doberman Pinscher. The attacker is a known biter of people (acknowledged by its owner)and is an…

ASKED BY Member 1024703 on 2/25/11
TAGGED neighbors, attacks, knownbiters, servicedogs, rights IN Answers

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