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My older dog only wants to eat, take occasional walks, and lay around. Should I worry?

18 months ago I adopted two old dogs, 10 and 12 years old at the time. They were never interested in any activity except walks but their physical…

ASKED BY Member 1239800 on 12/29/14
TAGGED old, older, senior, doesntplay, laysaround IN Other Health & Wellness

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Our 14 yr old Bichon has either been laying with her head facing a corner or under furniture - does anyone know why she?

She also has been following us around the house all the time. She used to just sleep all day on the couch.

ASKED BY Member 1188320 on 9/3/13
TAGGED headhiding, followingaround IN Health & Wellness

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My 1 yr. old chihuahua has small bumps on ears and scratches alot both his on his ears and his back?

he also seems to be losing hair around eyes and at areas he scratches. i also have a 2 year old chihuahua(they are brothers with the same parents…

ASKED BY Member 1040462 on 7/10/11
TAGGED pimplelikebumpsonears, loseofhairaroundeyes, scratchesprofusely IN Skin Problems

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My dog has been peeing in his water bowl. Please help me?

My 17 month old chihuahua Jack has never been house broken, but he pees outside.But, he doesn't just pee on the grass, but lawn chairs, picnic tables…

ASKED BY Member 1040253 on 7/9/11
TAGGED water, bowl, pees, poops, poop, pee, chihuahua, run, around, lawn, chairs, picnic, tables IN Behavior & Training

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Please tell me what their bowl habits are? do they go for days without one? I just got mine she is 7yr's old?

She was in the pound when i bought her last saterday she has only had one bm which was saterday around 8pm and i got her at 11am she pee's every…

ASKED BY Member 1007535 on 10/12/10
TAGGED bowels, laysaround, breath IN Behavior & Training

The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC)

Going on vacation. What should I do?

My family is going on a vacation and we want to leave Silvia behind. We were thinking about leaving her with my granny but she has a dog and…

ASKED BY The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on 8/10/10
TAGGED should, i, leave, my, dog, where, she, will, be, around, bad, dogs IN Lodging


My dog has suddenly decided to be possessive over the family. to where he hates my other dog, what to do?

His name is Nico, he is 6, 3/4 German Sheperd, not sure the other quarter. Other male is 3, name is Rocko, he is a Great Dane Lab Mix. Nico has…

ASKED BY Rocko on 7/17/10
TAGGED agression, angry, hate, angeraroundpeople, biting IN Other Behavior & Training


How do I get my puppy used to being around big dogs?

I don't really have friends with other small dogs, but she is usually pretty shy around big dogs. At her puppy classes, she will run and play with the…

ASKED BY Stellaluna on 4/21/10
TAGGED socilization, bigdogs, shyaroundotherdogs IN Socialization

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