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Can I change the name of a year old dog?

We just rescued a l yr. old dog (a Pugel). We don't like the name the previous owners used. Is it too late to change the puppy's name so he will…

ASKED BY Member 1245402 on 4/18/15
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How to calm my dog when she gets fearful?

My dog is a 3-4 yr old mix German Shepard & Black Lab. She is super sweet and is really good with our children. We have a 13yr old, a 4 yr old…

ASKED BY Member 1244452 on 3/29/15
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Questions for dog owners living in Vancouver, BC ?

So i'm planning to open a doggy daycare around either vancouver or burnaby location. Any ideas, tips, recommendations would be appericated…

ASKED BY Member 1243854 on 3/16/15
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My shiba inu has recently started hiding all day, under the bed, behind boxes, under desks?

Shes started panting a little. I know panting isnt weird for dogs but for this one it is. She wont play outside anymore, wont play inside, and we cant…

ASKED BY Member 1242775 on 2/22/15
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What happened!? Seizure? My dog was shaking and started running out of nowhere?

So my dog was laying on my bed when suddenly he got up and started running around the room and hitting things in his process. While he was running…

ASKED BY Member 1242675 on 2/20/15
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My 5year old pomeranian was hit by a car on monday and may be home in 2 days. She may have an herniated disc. Any advic?

5 year old , 6lb. Pomeranian, has been in the doggie hospital for 1 week. The Vet may let her come home tomorrow.

ASKED BY Member 1242322 on 2/12/15
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Helping to build confidence in a dog in the car?

My dog Koda is scared of riding in vehicles. When she gets in them she flattens herself to the ground as much as she can, and her ears are flat to her…

ASKED BY Member 1240873 on 1/16/15
TAGGED car, vehical, scared, confidence IN Fears & Phobias

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