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My kelpie/collie cross is constantly licking his anus. I have wormed him. It is red and swollen. What can I do?

I have not been able to see a vet as of yet, but if necessary, I will travel to see one.

ASKED BY Member 1195788 on 10/23/13
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Senior dog with loose stool and sore anus, lethargic,and not listening?

Recently, my Male 14 yr old Miniature American Eskimo has had a looooong episode of diarrhea (over a month). We have taken him to a vet twice…

ASKED BY Member 1188264 on 9/2/13
TAGGED diarrhea, lethargy, lethargic, senior, soreanus IN Health & Wellness

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Swollen bump next to Dog's anus?

It is large and our dog didn't seem to be irritated by it but now it has seemed to swell down and she is biting at it a lot. It was bleeding a bit…

ASKED BY Member 1178865 on 7/6/13
TAGGED anus, bump IN Health & Wellness

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My 13 yr old Shih Tsu has eaten dirt, has had diarrhea and now swollen anus and an odor.Do I take him to a vet?

Just moved into house with no backyard landscaping. My dog comes in the house with dirt all over his mouth. I think he is digesting the dirt. He is 13…

ASKED BY Member 1146430 on 12/24/12
TAGGED diarrhea, odor, eatingdirt, swollenanus IN Illness & Disease

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Anal Discoloration?

My mom has a Chihuahua, Min Pin mix femal dog. She is 5 years old and has had different issues, milk fever in 2007, parvo the same year, but the…

ASKED BY Member 1033909 on 5/15/11
TAGGED anus, discoloration IN Health & Wellness

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My dog's behind has a red lump that has formed just below the tail. I don't know what it is but it seems to be painful?

He drags it on the ground alot and licks it. I've heard it could be infected anal glands, but the lump is above the anus. It seems to be painful…

ASKED BY Member 888674 on 9/19/09
TAGGED health, lump, anus, pain, dog IN Health & Wellness

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My dog has a bleeding mass in her colon?....Please help?

I have a 7 year old am staff, I just took my dog to the vet because she has had bleeding from her anus after she poops. It turns out that she has a…

ASKED BY Member 762162 on 11/2/08
TAGGED tumor, bleeding, anus, amstaff, help, cancer, illness, disease IN Cancer

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