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Where would be a good place to try and sell some pet photography photos?

I take pictures of my dogs and cats (high quality). Where should I try to sell them? Magazines?

ASKED BY Member 1162182 on 4/5/13
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I adopted a min dachshund. His vet and I think he was beaten by an older couple. He is afraid of about everything. He h?

He was very afraid of everything even plastic or paper grocery sacks. He is starting to play with some toys but still not much. He didn't know about…

ASKED BY Member 1151479 on 1/23/13
TAGGED fearfulofpeopleandanimals IN Fears & Phobias

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How do i get my pitbull to stop attacking other animals can i train her to be socialable with other animals?

my pit-bull diamond is an amazing family/guard dog,shes friendly with people WE bring around her,but hates other animals.its frustrating because…

ASKED BY Member 1141292 on 11/18/12
TAGGED attackinganimals, killinganimals IN Aggression

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Why does my dog chew my kids belonging?

I am 9 years old and my dog won't stop chewing me and my brothers belongings. He would chew my stuff animals and he would chew my brothers…

ASKED BY Member 1140216 on 11/11/12
TAGGED chewsstuffanimals, andpacifier IN Behavior & Training


Finding a new home for this ChiWeenie?

I have a doggie in my home, Jack, who is desperately searching for a new home. I've had very bad luck with Craiglist, and my local animal shelter…

ASKED BY Jack on 10/19/12
TAGGED findingaforeverhome, dogadoption, petadoption, craiglist, animalshelters IN Other Adoption & Rescue

 Sally (dead)

Why don't they have Birdster or GuineaPigster, or Kinkajouster? People have other pets?

I mean, people have other pets than dogs and cats. You know, I am an owner of seven cats, and a baby foster kinkajou. Why don't they have websites…

ASKED BY Sally (dead) on 9/4/12
TAGGED new, websites, website, animals, other IN General

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