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My dog is pooping in the new house he never has before. See below to clarity?

I have a Maltese 8 years old human years. He rarely pooped in our old home and even in our new one. But lately its all the time! Same 2 rooms. I…

ASKED BY Member 1223620 1 hour, 48 minutes ago
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What is the mental trigger in miniature pinschers that is different than other dogs?

Marleigh has been by my side for 5 years. She alerts me when she alerts me if I am going to fall and alerts me when I fall asleep sitting up and if…

ASKED BY Member 1222840 5 days, 18 hours ago
TAGGED mentaltriggersforminpinsbehavior IN Behavior & Training

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My dog whines at my 84yr old grandmother's door as if she's sad or worried. Is my dog trying to tell me something?

My grandmother is not in the best health but is doing ok at 84 years old. She is prone to falling so she stays in bed alot. My dog acts as if she…

ASKED BY Member 1221816 1 week, 6 days ago
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BOSTON OWNERS HELP!- food/picky eater?

Ok so here's my problem. When I first adopted my dog a year ago he was severely under-weight/dehydrated so my vet suggested I feed him a mixed…

ASKED BY Baxter 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED picky, eater, wetfood, dryfood, vet, healthyweight IN Food & Nutrition

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My basset hound is 2years old and was fixed three days ago, problems with neutering?

He was neutered three days ago and now his testicle sacks are fuller and hanging lower, this is my first time owning a male dog and I am wondering…

ASKED BY Member 1218639 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED neutering, health IN Health & Wellness

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An Essential Formula For Male Health?

Make use of Alpha Cut Hd now and be a real man by enhancing testosterone levels. This is a healthy supplement that gets you many benefits without…

ASKED BY Member 1218429 on 3/26/14
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Dog can't handle my mum not being home. Please help?

We have 2 maltese x shih tzu a year a part (9 & 8) The 9 year old is a female and when my mum leaves the house, she becomes very anxious. She hides…

ASKED BY Member 1218168 on 3/25/14
TAGGED mum, dog, nothome, help, maltese, shihtzu, x IN Separation Anxiety

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