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I have a serious issue that I believe could be dangerous. How do I fix this?

I just adopted a five year old Weimaraner named Kai from a woman who no longer had time for her four days ago. She was very sweet to my three year…

ASKED BY Berkeley on 4/28/16
TAGGED aggressive, weimaraner, alpha, dangerous, adopted IN Aggression

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Aggressive playing driving me crazy?

hi there, I'm a first time dog owner (I've had dogs in the family but this is my first time owning one myself) I currently have a 7-8 month old…

ASKED BY Member 1239421 on 12/22/14
TAGGED aggressive, playing, biting, alpha IN Behavior & Training

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Super Strongest Muscle Relaxers?

This is not difficult to perform once you take those first actions. Your method might be improved while you gain extra knowledge. Check out Alpha Fuel…

ASKED BY Member 1233134 on 8/30/14
TAGGED alphafuelxt IN Books & Entertainment

Lilly Yoko Garin

She'll only listen to one person.…

My baby girl Lilly is a wonderful doggy when she's with me. She walks well enough, sometimes she pulls and will jump at the occasional passing leaf…

ASKED BY Lilly Yoko Garin on 5/18/14
TAGGED alpha, beta, leash, walking, training, help IN Other Behavior & Training

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Will our two females ever get along?

We have a very alpha female german shepherd and we tried to introduce a very timid female husky/pit last night. When we got the new dog close, the…

ASKED BY Member 1169768 on 5/11/13
TAGGED females, agressive, alpha IN Aggression

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9 week old puppy is very aggressive after an unsuccessful "Alpha Roll"?

My 9 wk old puppy is being VERY aggressive after I did the alpha roll(don't ever do this).First couple times I did it, he submitted almost immediately…

ASKED BY Member 1132505 on 9/25/12
TAGGED aggressive, aggression, alpharoll, bite, biting, chewing, attacking, attack IN Aggression

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