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How to convince my parents to get a shelter dog, and what should we get?

I am a 13 year old girl and I am at boarding school.This means that I would not get to see the dog as much, but it is having the dog in the holidays…

ASKED BY Member 1249373 on 7/17/15
TAGGED breeds, rescue, allergies IN Adoption & Rescue

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Can I be allergic to one dog but not the other? Can allergies to dogs go away?

I've had a medium-coat male chihuahua for four years. Last week we adopted a young female whippet. I break out in hives most of the times she…

ASKED BY Member 1248939 on 7/5/15
TAGGED allergy, allergies IN Allergies

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Little 1 year old Maltese girl nipping at visitors' ankles and barking at any visitors! Need help please?

My dog is a year old now, she's a 4 lb. Maltese girl. Every time someone walks in my house (someone who doesn't live there) she barks along with my…

ASKED BY Member 1248729 on 6/29/15
TAGGED anklenipping, maltese, smalldog, biting, nipping, barking, methods IN Methods of Training

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Whistle noise while eating?

My dog seems healthy besides, and breathes well, but for months I notice no matter what he's eating (soft wet food, kibble, small soft treats, etc…

ASKED BY Member 1243319 on 3/4/15
TAGGED respiratory, sounds, swallowing, breathing IN Other Health & Wellness

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Will my sister have severe allergies because of my border collie?

My sister is a severe hay fever sufferer. Will she have bad allergies throughout the year if she comes to live with me and will her hay fever be…

ASKED BY Member 1241431 on 1/25/15
TAGGED humanallergies, hayfever, dander, grooming IN Alternative Treatments

Fenix Alfonso

Is Fenix A. a Belgian Malinois/Siberian Husky mix?

Someone said us that Fenix could be a Belgian Malinois/Siberian Husky mix, but we really don't know. He has blue eyes but doesn't have black mask and…

ASKED BY Fenix Alfonso on 1/23/15
TAGGED belgianmallinoishusky IN Belgian Malinois

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How to get my dog to bring the ball back fully?

About a month ago, I rescued a Kelpie X from the RSPCA (in Australia) named Peanut. Recently she has been bringing the ball back halfway, out of…

ASKED BY Member 1240144 on 1/21/15
TAGGED training, fetch, kelpie, ball IN Behavior & Training

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Why did my newly rescued Great Dane shake a small dog like toy?

My newly rescued 1.5 year-old Great Dane met a small dog on a walk in our neighborhood, stopped for a sniff, all seemed well, and suddenly I was…

ASKED BY Member 1229933 on 11/23/14
TAGGED greatdane, smalldog, shake, training IN Socialization

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