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AKC name suggestions for a mini Schnauzer?

I have no idea what AKC name to give my miniature Schnauzer. I have been putting off completing the registration for long enough. He's all black…

ASKED BY Member 1245228 on 4/15/15
TAGGED name, akc, dog, black IN Miniature Schnauzer

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How can I tell if a breeder is "good"? (Especially with GSD breeders)?

I've adopted the pets i've had most of my life, and I may adopt my next dog as well (hopefully a GSD). Should I choose to buy one from a breeder…

ASKED BY Member 1239412 on 12/21/14
TAGGED breeding, germanshepherd, akc IN The Adoption Process

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Mostly white AKC Australian Cattle Dog? Deaf? Blind? Is it a rare color?

Hi, I have an AKC Australian Cattle Dog who is almost 4 months old. The thing is he is mostly white. His top coat is white including his eye lashes…

ASKED BY Member 1229148 on 6/30/14
TAGGED acd, australiancattledog, merle, genetics, deaf, blind, akc, whiteacd, ghost, blueheeler, queenslandheeler, heeler, redheeler, merlegene IN Australian Cattle Dog


Can a CGC title be transferred when you buy a dog's show papers?

Hi, I bought my show quality puppy under a pet contract until she is a year old. I will then go back to the breeder and we will decide if she is a…

ASKED BY Faith on 8/26/13
TAGGED caninegoodcitizen, cgc, akc, miniatureamericanshepherd, puppy, showdog, showpapers IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have an akc doberman bitch that I want to breed. 1st time breeder what paperwork needs to be done prior?

I have never bred my dogs before. As an AKC member/registered dog, What should I do first if anything?

ASKED BY Member 1157726 on 3/10/13
TAGGED akc IN Puppies

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I have a pitbull I'm told she has papers can I search under her name?

I rescued my pitbull, she is awesome, I've been told she has papers on her she is worth whatever it takes to get them

ASKED BY Member 1076685 on 12/10/11
TAGGED akc, breed, bloodline IN Adoption & Rescue

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Need suggestion for registered AKC name... Call name Oakley?

Male airedale terrier, call name Oakley. Would like registered name to relate to Oak trees, acorns or other oak tree theme. Or could have an agility…

ASKED BY Member 1073326 on 11/26/11
TAGGED airedaleterrier, registeredname, akc, oakley IN Puppies

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