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Why does my dog only like me?

I'm fourteen, I live in a house with my mom, brother, and my moms boyfriend and of course my dog Marley. Me and marley stay home alone from 6am-7+pm…

ASKED BY Member 1244565 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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Aggressive playing driving me crazy?

hi there, I'm a first time dog owner (I've had dogs in the family but this is my first time owning one myself) I currently have a 7-8 month old…

ASKED BY Member 1239421 on 12/22/14
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Why is my dog aggressive to puppies?

We have a 16 month Goldendoodle who is normally a very sweet, mild mannered, albeit excitable dog. He has always been very easy to train and eager…

ASKED BY Member 1239098 on 12/15/14
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URGENT!! Puppy aggressive to my older dog, had her for over year... Fighting is and issue and hurt my dad badly?

Hi, I have two dogs (girl rescues). One is about 7 and the other 1.5. The older one is a docile border collie mix, the other probably pit bull and…

ASKED BY Member 1228612 on 6/12/14
TAGGED help, urgent, dangerous, biting, dominant, aggressive, puppy, relocation, home, injury, problem, serious IN Behavior & Training

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Blue Heeler/Jack Russell Mix?

I've had a male blue heeler/jack russell mix for over a year now, I got him when he was 12 weeks old, had him house trained a month later. I don't…

ASKED BY Member 1224667 on 5/3/14
TAGGED blueheeler, jackrussellterrier, jackrussell, jrt, aggressive, aggression, training, behavior IN Aggression

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My Rat Terrier is aggressive and hard to handle on walks- how do I train him?

My rat terrier is about 6 (he's a rescue) and he is aggressive and easily excitable. When I walk him it is impossible to enjoy it because he pulls…

ASKED BY Member 1211709 on 2/14/14
TAGGED ratterrier, walk, terrier, aggressive, train IN Behavior & Training

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