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Dog doesn't understand hierarchy and starts fights?

This has been going on for a year, we have 3 dogs. The oldest one being the most submissive, not even TRYING to be dominant. The second oldest one…

ASKED BY Member 1234265 on 9/18/14
TAGGED dog, aggression, hierarchy IN Aggression

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Hard to train rescue dog is very aggressive with other dogs and children... please help?

How do I discipline a rescue dog that is very fear aggressive? Since I adopted him last Feb. he has made a lot of progress in all areas except for…

ASKED BY Member 1233647 on 9/8/14
TAGGED adoption, rescue, fear, aggression, biting, children IN Behavior & Training

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Will it get better? German shepherd of 10 weeks is so hard to train and I want to give up?

So i'm 21 years old and I'm currently living by myself raising a 10 week old German Shepherd. I've had him for a week and already he's driving me…

ASKED BY Member 1232016 on 8/15/14
TAGGED aggression, naughty, puppy, germanshepherd, biting, separationanxiety, help, crying, stress, hyperactive, crate, training IN Separation Anxiety

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My husband has a black lab/great dane mix. He seems to have behavior/aggressions issues. He's 3 yrs old. Help?

He snapped/bit my mom when she tried to pet him,but he had a bone so that makes a little more sense.This past Christmas our dog got into a small fight…

ASKED BY Member 1228806 on 6/16/14
TAGGED aggression, biting, behavior IN Aggression

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How can I stop my dog from being food aggressive with other dogs?

I have a 7 month old lab/pit mix. This past weekend we took her upstate camping with another family and their two dogs. If anyone was eating she would…

ASKED BY Member 1228374 on 6/9/14
TAGGED aggression, food IN Behavior & Training


Anyone out there overcome aggression from a dog toward male humans and some dogs?

Me and my boyfriend rescued an approx 18 month old male border collie cross (Alfoe) about 3 months ago who was found as a stray by the local…

ASKED BY Alfie on 6/1/14
TAGGED male, aggression, barking IN Aggression

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