How do I stop the chihuahua from attacking my Aussie Cattle Dog?

I recently moved into my mother's home - she has a 7 lb chihuahua and a 3 lb Yorkie. My husband and I have a 50 lb ACD who was fostered with…

ASKED BY Sarah on 11/29/14
TAGGED cattledog, acd, chihuahua, attack IN Aggression

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Anyone know of an Australian Cattledog Breeder in Alberta or Saskatchewan, Canada?

I cant seem to find any ACD breeders what so ever in Canada. I would be willing to drive across 1-2 provinces to get my puppy but I cant seem to…

ASKED BY Member 1234330 on 10/4/14
TAGGED acd, heeler, australiancattledog, cattledog, breeder, canada IN Adoption & Rescue

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Mostly white AKC Australian Cattle Dog? Deaf? Blind? Is it a rare color?

Hi, I have an AKC Australian Cattle Dog who is almost 4 months old. The thing is he is mostly white. His top coat is white including his eye lashes…

ASKED BY Member 1229148 on 6/30/14
TAGGED acd, australiancattledog, merle, genetics, deaf, blind, akc, whiteacd, ghost, blueheeler, queenslandheeler, heeler, redheeler, merlegene IN Australian Cattle Dog


Getting a blue heeler any tips?

I will be getting my first blue heeler in a week. I have had And grew up with many different breeds of dogs. I researched a lot about this breed and…

ASKED BY Ryder on 3/20/14
TAGGED blueheeler, acd, australiancattledog IN Behavior & Training

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What are some athletic medium size dog breeds?

I looking for a dog that can go jogging with me for roughly 3-4 miles everyday, be able to play fetch with a ball and frisbee for awhile, have…

ASKED BY Member 1144973 on 12/28/12
TAGGED dogbreed, athletic, acd, australiancattledog IN Breeds


My dog needs a bath but it's cold outside and she can't stay in to dry?

My blue heeler really needs a bath (smelly) but the temperature outside is below freezing. I don't want to leave her inside for the amount of time…

ASKED BY Fastidious on 12/23/08
TAGGED cold, bath, blueheeler, acd, smelly IN Bathing

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Are Australian Cattle Dogs the same thing as Blue and Red Heelers?

Ok, so I think most of us have heard of the new dog breed game and most have also played it, either for zealies or for fun. Hopefully people are still…

ASKED BY Member 393929 on 12/16/08
TAGGED australiancattledogs, acd, blueheeler, redheeler, breeds, difference IN Australian Cattle Dog

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