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If dogs in their fenced area kill a stray dog are there legal ramifications for the owner of the fenced dogs?

Happened in Colorado. Stray got through the fence in the middle of private property. Stray dog had internal injuries only which resulted in death.

ASKED BY Member 1172107 on 5/26/13
TAGGED stray, tresspass, kill, liability, colorado IN Animal Control

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What liability does a veterinarian have for not disclosing major side effects of a medication he prescribes? Informative?

Response to Toto, CD, RN, CGC & Josie who answered this question from me. My wife is an RN for the past 30 yrs in a major medical center. It is…

ASKED BY Member 1145209 on 12/21/12
TAGGED veterinarianliability IN Laws & Legislation


How to please the instincts of my Shih-tzu?

I believe their instincts are guarding-related and alert-related. I'm not sure how to engage him in a way that would let him flex the abilities that…

ASKED BY Oru on 9/25/12
TAGGED shihtzu, engage, train, skill, skills, oru, energy, mind, body, insinct, health, guarding, hearing, ability, abilities, speed IN Other Behavior & Training

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Should I adopt a (previously)stray dog with a slight limp?

I'm looking to adopt a dog, she's one of the most well tempered dogs I've ever met, and she runs great (this is really important as I'm a distance…

ASKED BY Member 1032565 on 5/2/11
TAGGED disability, injury, adoption, stray IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Tibetian terrier?

what is this breeds disposition

ASKED BY Member 920189 on 11/21/09
TAGGED dogsdisposition, trainability, intelligence IN Other Behavior & Training

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We own a black Labrador and are considering a second dog. Would a Dashaund be compatible?

My 8 year old daughter fell in love with a dashaund (?). I am worried about how it will impact the family situation with the Lab and our ability to…

ASKED BY Member 837270 on 5/17/09
TAGGED compatability IN Socialization

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I gave a dog of mine away a month ago. He recently bit the new owners son, am I liable?

He has never bit anyone else before, and they never called or said he was acting aggressivey. We have a two year old, and a ten month old, and he…

ASKED BY Member 819043 on 3/23/09
TAGGED bite, liability, law, sale, gift, adoption IN Laws & Legislation

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