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Which collar will be good for my large size dog?

I am thinking to get a shock collar for my robo.. I found a list but can't understand which will be better.. please help.. here is the list…

ASKED BY Member 1241766 5 hours, 13 minutes ago
TAGGED collar, dogcollar, shockcollar, electriccollar, dogtrainingcollar IN Collars & Leashes

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Enlarged vulva?

I just adopted Wheaten Terrier from the shelter. She is 2 years old. I think there is something wrong with her vagina/vulva - it's huge! So before I…

ASKED BY Member 1241746 18 hours, 7 minutes ago
TAGGED vulva, vagina, scooting, dragging, licking, analglands, breeding IN Other Health & Wellness

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I am having trouble potty training my 10 week female golden retriever?

I am having trouble potty training my 10 week old female golden retriever. I take her out right after she eats, plays, and naps. At night I take her…

ASKED BY Member 1241695 1 day, 16 hours ago
TAGGED pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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Cali has what looks like a skin tag, just need some clarification?

Ok so she's had this thing growing on her leg for awhile now. It started out really small and it's been slow growing. It protrudes from her actually…

ASKED BY California's Finest 2 days, 1 hour ago
TAGGED skintag, malignant, benign, skindisease IN Skin Problems

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Can I take my puppy out?

I rescued a 8 weeks old beagle lab mix. I got her today, up to date with her vaccination but she didn't got yet the rabies vac. Can I take her out…

ASKED BY Member 1241648 2 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED beagle, lab, puppy IN Health & Safety

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How to heal a stiff leg?

I have a rescue dog. Mini poodle about 5-6 yrs old. She was a stray. Both rear legs seem weak and floppy. Left leg can bend but right leg is…

ASKED BY Member 1241635 2 days, 20 hours ago
TAGGED stiff, legs, rear, back IN Health & Wellness


7 month old humping. Want to breed from him, so neutering isn't an option?

I have a nearly 7 month of male Samoyed puppy. He has been well socialized with dogs and people, and is at the age where he has started to hump…

ASKED BY Finn 3 days, 6 hours ago
TAGGED humping, puppy, samoyed, breed, help IN Other Behavior & Training

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Dog afraid of a room?

My dog is afraid of the "dog room". It's where he and his brother sleep, eat, and all their toys and such are put. We've lived here for 2 years now…

ASKED BY Member 1241588 3 days, 17 hours ago
TAGGED fear, anxiety, behavior, phobia IN Fears & Phobias

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