which would be best??

i have 2 pits and am wanting to add to the family.. i would like to get another bully or large dog! i cant decide tho. i've been looking at rotties a lot.. and the mastiffs(english and bull).. i have 2 kids who love to jump on my dogs so i would need a very mellow tolerant breed.. what breed would be best for adding to a family enviornment with other dogs in it?

Asked by Bella on Jul 30th 2010 in Breeds N-R
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I would certainly wait until your other two are grown up and more mature. Many bully breeds do not get along well with others, especially of the same sex and it would be unfortunate if you got a third and they all ended up hating each other and fighting. Since your two are so young it is too early to tell how they will be around other dogs of the same sex when they finally mature.

Member 641257 answered on 7/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


As the owner of 3 dogs I can swear to the downside. I have 2 hands, one to pet each, or hold 2 leashes. 2 was nice, easy and I could walk 2 without any thought. Adding the 3rd has made it more tricky (more cause the 3rd had no leash training).

One male one female is perfect. They get along great. No jealousy or competition.

The 2 boys are always competing for Pepper. The 2 youngest compete for toys and space. When ever 2 disagree the 3rd stirs it up by trying to "help".

Your Pits are still kids. Between age 2-3 they will fully mature and become different dogs. If they are ever going to have a spat, it will be then. When pits do get annoyed enough to have it out, it's not pretty, cause they don't know how to quit.

Please wait. Regret sucks, especially when everyone suffers.

Pepper answered on 7/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


well, we found bridget at the shelter. I wanted a mellow dog that would be a good temperment for my girl shepherd. Bridget is great around other dogs. I took my dog to meet her three times. Three times before my dog looked at me and said ok, I know this dog is coming to live with us.
Bridget is now 90 lbs. But, if she had her way she would lay on my couch 24/7. She was real hyper before spay and had some issues that took a long time to work through. But, she is really good now and she gets along with any dog.
She resembles a mastiff mix.
But, really you already have 2 pits. I think 2 are plenty I have three dogs and sometimes that is just too many.
Pits love children contrary to disbelief. It just depends on the temperment of the dog and if the dog is willing to be crawled on. There are rotts and many other breeds in shelters across america.
A lady at the vets had a st bernard,female, very gentle
I don't think any dog should be left alone with children as a good precaution.

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