Where does a solid black mini pin come from?

I was wondering if it is a color defect or inbreed? Or if anyone knows how a solid black one comes out? And also I got him from the same breeder a lady on her 2 years ago got one?

Asked by Member 994386 on Jun 28th 2010 in Miniature Pinscher
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With a breed like this solid black is entirely possible! The tan point gene that causes the tan patches on the body does not always pass on. You will notice it is not always on the red min pins. It is also possible for it to not pass on to black min pins, making them just black instead of black and tan. It is not often, but this does happen occasionally. Solid black (or nearly solid black) is a disqualification, meaning the dog can not be shown in conformation shows.

You can read more about min pins on the AKC website, or do a general GOOGLE search for min pin colors.

Member 597336 answered on 6/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


velvet is right.
Basically, the breeder has or has had a black dog in her lines.
So, this trait can show up at any time, once the line holds the trait/ gene.
So, if you don't want the trait to show up don't buy from the breeder again.
Also, if the breeder is doing something wrong, such as this color is a disqualifying color for the breed.
Then kindly, approach her and tell her something is wrong with her lines and that this color is not a breed color and that you are disappointed.
Some breeders, puppy mills ect do not follow the general standard set forth. The standard is set forth for a reason.
It is a good suggestion to go to the AKC site and find out what your breed should be like so to make the right choices in a puppy next time. Of course, looks and colors have nothing to do with how that dog will love you for the rest of his or hers life. A dog is an awesome animal and you should love her no matter what even if her color is pink or purple.Question doesn't say you're unhapy

Dieta answered on 6/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer