stop dog from chewing misc. items

Tonka is an American Bulldog, and is 4 yrs old and great companion. However, in the last few weeks he has been chewing up everthing ie., eyeglasses, paper, magazines, ceramics, flash lights or anything he can get a hold of. He now gets things off the couter top and even table to chew on. I take him on walks regularly but because of the rain not as much. How can i stop this????

Asked by Member 1066443 on Oct 26th 2011 Tagged chewing, boredom in Chewing
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TRAINING. You can try diversion techniques. Replace what he's not supposed to be chewing on with something that he can chew on, like a chew toy or stuffed Kong. Or take him away from what he's chewing and bring him back over to it to see if he does it again, and if he does, keep taking him away until he stops and when he stops, praise and treat him. Teach him drop it and leave it. teach him what he is allowed to chew on and show him that the best things in the world happen to him when he stops chewing on inappropriate items so he'll have no reason to want to continue chewing on them. If he's really stubborn about chewing and will tolerate it and you can do it safely, you can tether him to you until you have this training down.

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