Shitz Zu has regressed in potty training.

Reba was doing ok with potty training. She has used a piddle pad since we got her as a puppy and the only issue was, she liked to use the rugs. So we removed all the rugs in our old house. We moved about 6 months ago and except for the kitchen, the house is all carpet. She isn't using her piddle pads and is going on different areas of the carpet. The previous owners had a dog, so we had the carpets professionally cleaned before we moved in. But I have had to have the carpet cleaned 2 more times since then. I really hate to keep her in her crate while we are at work, but will if I absolutely need to. I am open to suggestions, please help.

Asked by Member 573238 on Sep 15th 2012 Tagged shitzzu, soiling, training, potty, regressed in House Soiling
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Great start at cleaning the carpets before moving into your new place,you did not mention how old she was now so I am recommending a visit to your doggie vet for a check up she may have a UTI or other bladder infection or she could be marking her area she can still smell the other dog.
Keep her on a leash attached to you at all times so you can watch her 100% of the time and remove her to the outside NO MORE piddle pads

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