Rhodesian Ridgeback and....??

WayLin looks and acts a lot like a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but I think her legs are too short. She is a rescue and doesn't have a ridge. She only has white on her chest. She just turned 1 year old. Any ideas?

Asked by WayLin on Feb 15th 2013 Tagged rhodesianridgeback in Mixed Breeds
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She could actually be a redbone! They look a lot like ridgebacks, except can have a little bit of white on them, can be shorter, and have a distinctive hound bark and high prey drive. Either that, or she has daschund or terrier in her. Pawmail me if you have any questions or comments. Hope this helped, best regards!

Rain answered on 2/16/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer