recommendd bathing for english pointer -4m old

recommended bathing?

Asked by Member 1151143 on Jan 21st 2013 Tagged training in Bathing
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I am a professional dog groomer, I have a six month old Labrador puppy and he has only ever had one bath when he left his littermates and came here!
Unless your pup has gotten into something, bathing is certainly not necessary, especially during Winter when artificial heating and the drier outside air will already cause the skin to be too dry, which will lead to itching and rashes and more issues.
If you must bathe, no more than once every month or 6 weeks is enough with a shorthaired dog like a pointer. If you must, wiping with a damp washcloth will remove any surface dirt your pup may have gotten into.
Make sure to use a good, moisturizing shampoo and rinse extremely well if you must bathe your dog!

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