We have to move soon, as my stupid father[divorced parents, i live with my mom] wont pay for the house, and it is getting foreclosed on. The problem is, we will have to move into an apartment, and one of our dogs is a big pit bull, German Shepard, chow chow mix, and all of those breeds have been banned in all of the pet-friendly apartments in our area. We will need a foster-type family for her until we can either get back on our feet and get her back, or find her a new home. The problem is that she is highly aggressive with other animals, as she was never socialized as a puppy[long story short, she is carsick]. The other problem is that it could be days, or years until we can get her back. She is a great dog, and she knows all of the basic commands plus about 30 tricks. She is smart as a whip, but I just don't have the time to properly socialize her, what with packing, and school, and the other dogs. Also, i would like it if you would please leave your email address so i can respond.

Asked by Rain on Aug 12th 2012 Tagged needfostersoon, dontknowwheretoturn in Fostering a Pet
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Have you tried posting this on Facebook in pet-friendly/pet groups? It would help a lot to post on Facebook in many different groups about your situation with your dog. There's many great rescues and foster's on Facebook who work with rescues who would be willing to take her. Contact local rescues in your area to see if they're willing to foster her/take her in and/or find someone who is willing to foster her/adopt her until you get back on your feet. Don't just contact one rescue, contact many if not most of them in the state/country you live in.

If you're wanting to get her a foster home quickly, post more positive things about her than negative.

Private message me if you need any more help with anything. Private message me where you're located at (county/city/state/country) and I'll list a bunch of rescues that you can contact near you and in your state.

If you want to and if you're one Facebook, private message me and I can add you as a friend on Facebook and help you find a home for Rain on Facebook.

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