my dog eats Everything..HELP!!??

My dog bandit is a beagle/redbone coonhound mix. he is approximatly 8 months. my question is: what/ how can i stop him from eating everything? ive tried time out and it doesnt seem to help. ive even tried hot sauce like you would do a kid when they cuss. my dog thinks he is human. and he is very smart. he eats stuff like: undergarments(bra's,underwear..etc),shoes,cardboard,paper,wallets,cups,markers,pencil's...and the list go's on & on. and i dont know how to stop him. i catch him doing it,tell him "no! thats a bad boy" then put him in his cage. i put him in time out(in his cage) when he used the bathroom in the house,and it worked,he doesnt potty anymore.but whenever he stopped using the bathroom in the house,a week later he started chewing everything and this has been going on got a couple moths now. any help? i would greatly appreciate it. thanks and god bless

Asked by Bandit on Jan 22nd 2010 Tagged bandit, dog, eats, everything, tips, help in Behavior & Training
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Your dog is a puppy. Of course he's going to eat everything! The simplest solution is just to put things away so he can't eat them and supervise him when he's not in his crate. Does he have any chew toys? If he doesn't than you CANNOT blame him for chewing things. He's probably teething. His gums hurt and he NEEDS to chew to relieve the pain.
You should NOT use hot sauce. Who ever told you do to that is completely wrong. Spicy hot sauce can burn a dogs mouth. Why would you want to burn your dogs mouth??? A crate or cage shouldn't be a punishment either. A crate is supposed to be a safe place for a dog. Please go to obedience classes with a POSITIVE reinforcement trainer.


Also, making your kids eat hot sauce for cussing is a horrible thing to do. No wonder they cuss. :(

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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

Have you taken him to the vet, maybe there he has a medical condition. Once you have ruled that out, does he have lots of bones? You could rotate them so he doesn't get bored with them. Do you exercise him? Maybe he is bored. Beagles are hunting dogs and are happiest being active. Otherwise, I would make sure everything is out of his reach. He could eat something that will make him really sick or worse.

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I agree with Rosie. Hot sauce is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

It sounds like you punish him for eating stuff you don't want him to, which is a natural thing to want to do.

But if you stop and think for a's not working, is it?

That's probably because he simply cannot help himself. He's 8 months old, so it's possible he's still teething. It can happen at a later age, but also he could be just bored. Dogs chew stuff. That's what they do.

Unless they are given another alternative.

So instead of the hot sauce and negative reinforcement, maybe try some different techniques that WILL work. First, clean up your house. Make sure there aren't things where he can get them. This part is totally in your control. If he doesn't have stuff within reach, he can't chew it. Make sure he has enough exercise. A bored dog will chew, less likely with a tired one. And when he does chew, simply take away what he has and replace it with a chew toy that's appropriate. No need to scold.

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You need to combine cleaning up the house, with careful supervision, using closed doors or gates to keep him in the same room as you and crate him when nobody can watch him.

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I have 4 kids, ranging is age from 10 to 1. They have little toys everywhere, they take out crayons and markers to color.....I have a 6 month old puppy so I am always near when the babies are playing and have taught her "NO" when she nears for their toys. When they move on to something else I immediately clean up their toys. I also make sure they color at the table or in their highchair.....then when they are finished I clean everything up and put it in a cupboard. You need to make sure these things are not available to your puppy.....they are dogs, just like human babies will put eveything in their mouths.

So my advice is clean your house, don't leave your underware on the floor and no paper, cardboard.....all the things you listed and more, keep them out of reach for Bandit. Make sure Bandit has a nice cozy bed (aside from his crate) with plenty of chew toys and or bones. When you see Bandit chewing on his toys or bones tell him "Good Boy!"

Good luck!

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I usually puppy proof the entire house and have everyone agree to pick up their messes in the bedrooms or shut the doors.
then use a crate for when you can't watch him all the time.
buy some crate training videos or look up how to crate train on the internet.
Exercise the dog on a regular schedule this type of dog likes to go trailing or sniffing in the woods. You can take him hiking daily to burn off the extra energy he is using to eat items and get into things. If you live in a warm state buy a kiddie pool, those provide endless hours of fun. Most hunting dogs aren't big fans of water, but you can teach him how to play in one. good luck

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