My 6 months Aussie puppy its attempting to mount me a lot recently (I had already managed to stop him from doing it before but now that doesn't seem to work the same way), I have so far tried everything like ignoring him, grabbing him by the neck and pinning him to the floor and growling until he calms down (worked before but now it he doesn't calm down and keeps trying to get up). Any other ideas?? Will this stop once we castrate him??

Asked by Drogo on Apr 25th 2012 in Jumping Up
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I've learned that this action is a sign of dominance & also excitement. My Otto does it still at 1yr old (and he's neutered), he does it out of excitement now rather than dominance though, He has realized that I am the alpha and he has no right to try 'dominating' me. Keep on discouraging Drogo, I don't think it will get any better with time. I have tried everything to get Otto to quit too... he won't do it to me anymore out of respect, but he is SO embarrassing when he does it to dogs at the dog park... ugh! So I really really hope you will be able to get this problem resolved with Drogo. ;)

Best Regards! =D

Shasta answered on Apr 25th.

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Maggie Mae

OK, so you've tried to dominate him on the ground, this used to work and why isn't it working now? He is going through his teenage years and is experiencing a rise in hormones. You might see this eased with castration but as Otto pointed out, that's sometimes not the case. Do you have complete control and the upper hand at other times during this developmental stage? Are you goals in training clear to both you and him? Is everybody in the house on the same page? If so, then he would be doing this to stuffed animals or his dog bed. If this is a behavior you want stopped there are a couple methods you could try depending on his responses. When you pin him, make sure you have no eye contact and you are not speaking to him. All dogs calm down eventually, since this has worked previously you could do it again but be consistent and persistent. If this cannot be done, another alternative is to apply pressure to his back feet with your feet and walk into him rather than backing up. Stern NO!

Maggie Mae answered on 4/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer