Lunging/biting/growling, while walking.

Help! A few days ago my pup started to lunge at me during our walks. He lunges and grabs ahold of my clothing, and will growl and pull. When he lunges he is the same height as me. This appears to be aggressive behaviour, but I am not sure what is triggering it. One minute we are walking great and the next he turns at me and lunges. I will try treats to snap him out of it, I'll try turning my back on him, I have tried entering his space, nothing works for about 2 mins, then he settles down himself most times, but he will come back again. I am very worried and scared. This is my first dog, and I have little experience.

Background. He is a 6 1/2 month of old Shepard Labrador mix, 77 pounds and was a rescue. He is not possessive over his food or toys with us. We can take a high value treat from him no problem. A couple of occasions he has gotten possessive over another dogs toy or a stick on the park. He is a great dog most of the time. Would really appreciate Any advice, thanks all!!

Asked by Member 1164587 on Apr 11th 2013 in Aggression
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