Is fresh pet select really as healthy as it looks

Asked by Copper on Nov 13th 2008 in Pet Food
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Some time ago, the company that makes Fresh Pet Select asked me if I would review their product on my blog, and I started talking to them via email about their product.

In my opinion, it's a good food. I am disappointed that it is not grain free, but overall, it's a very good food and I would feed it to my dog. Well, if I didn't have a dog that was allergic to chicken and sensitive with grains.

What really impressed me about the company, though, was when we were talking, and I mentioned I was raw feeding (which I was at the time), they did not try to push their product but actually emailed me and said the following: "We understand Homemade Diets and Raw Diets are probably a better source of nutrition than commercial pet food. Our products are aimed towards pet owners who wish to provide their dogs with a nutritious meal but do not have the time or have concerns with raw/homemade diets."

That really impressed me. :)

Abby answered on 11/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Life's Abundance is just like raw diet it has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no corn or corn gluten, no wheat or wheat gluten.
It has all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Try this website for more information:

Boss answered on 11/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Shayne CGC, RL2

I have been feeding this food since it first came to my area about 2 or 3 years ago. I fed it in addition to kibble. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the product. Both dogs had amazing coats and great lean muscle. One thing is that, like with all soft foods, i dont think it's great for teeth which is part of the reason i fed kibble in addition. But that's the nature of soft foods.

Shayne switched foods only because we moved and fresh pet was not available where i am located now. My mom's shih tzu still eats it happily everyday.

One of the things i love is that my shih tzu, a SUPER picky eater, actually enjoys his dinner with this food.

I think this food is a really good option for commercial foods!

Shayne CGC, RL2 answered on 11/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Fresh pet is amazing! I have three dogs, a Pom, a Chinese crested and an Eskimo mix. When I brought the Crested home, I needed to switch foods to avoid wheat and corn products. The poor dog was covered in blackheads (a sign of poor diet) and my two dogs were starting to get fat on an expensive food starting with a W.

I switched to Freshpet for all the dogs. The ingredients are WONDERFUL. The brown rice offers a B vitamin (for the poster that was disappointed it wasn't "grain free"). One dog prefers it sliced, one chuncked and my smallest dog shredded. I went to shredded for all to ease meal time.

So, both my furry dogs came quickly to a healthy weight. The pom and Eskimos coat filled out as I had never seen it and the cresteds blackheads almost disappeared in two months.

Don't buy that soft food is bad for teeth. Give tendon chews, or other HEALTHY all natural chews.


Chyna answered on 5/31/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


When we first got our little Morkie at 12 weeks she was a picky eater. She stayed that way and I can't count the different kinds of foods we tried. Somedays she seemed like she was going to eat, then the next she would'nt. I was hand feeding her and it took about half an hour. I was so frustrated when feeding time came I was in tears. We came upon an ad for Fresh Pet Select and decided to try it. I was so happy I couldn't believe the difference. I cut it into pieces and put the plate on the floor and it was all gone in minutes. I was worried she might not eat it the next time but she loves it! She's jumping at me as soon as she hears me get it out of the refridgerator. Her energy level is great and her hair is soft and shiny. Thank you Fresh Pet, you made this Morkie mama very happy!

Belle answered on 3/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer