Sheba Lynn Wise

How do I report a bad vet and to who?

My GSD Sheba was whelping I called my vet at night at home and he said since it was a first litter not to worry about time between pups.The first two pups were about three hours apart I called him when the third hadn't shown up within 4 hours and again at 8 hours and he said don't worry bring her in the morning that was around 8pm. She delivered two more before morning both stillborn and I took her to vet at 8am. He examined her did an ultra-sound said she was fine and all pups were out. She has had two more still born since, I plan to stop payment on the check for the ultra-sound visit and will definitely find a new vet my question is, Is their anyway to report this guys incompetence?

Asked by Sheba Lynn Wise on Feb 20th 2010 in Other Health & Wellness
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I googled
(How do I report a bad vet) This is just one of the links available.

Not sure why entire links aren't printing, but add: /vet.html to the link above.

I would not hesitate to report a bad vet. This link should be helpful. You'll have to do some research to find the laws for your state. Good Luck to Sheba...hope she and her pups are doing well.
Chaz & Roxie

CHAZ answered on Feb 21st.

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don't forget the better business bureau also.
You can send a written letter to them.
Since they are licensed and bonded in many ways you can ask them to reimburse you funds and then do small claims later.

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