Dog chews up pee pad stuffing! Help!

Riker used to rip up the side of his chew pads and eat the cotton, so I got him a pee pad holder in hopes that it was the sound that he liked from chewing the pad, not the actual material. Now he's decided to "dig" on the pad to get through (and eat) the thin top layer material to get to the cotton and eat it. Is there any way of stopping this? I asked my Obedience class instructor and she said she had no idea since spraying bitter apple on the pad is a) a really big pain since that stuff costs a lot and b) might turn the dog away from the pad.
Can anyone offer any suggestions for type of pee pads that won't get ripped up eas easily? I'm currently using Simple Solutions Easy training pads (the 22 x22 inches ones).

Asked by Riker on Jul 20th 2008 Tagged peepad, chew in Chewing
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One of Orion's puppy class friends has been doing the exact same thing. The trainer found out from the owner that the puppy only does this on weekdays, when she is at work. The trainer said she thinks that the puppy is bored, so entertaining herself by digging at and then eating the (sometimes used) weewee pads. The trainer suggested getting the puppy more exercise on weekdays so she will be more tired and less bored. The other suggestion was the type of weewee pad holder that has a grate that goes over the top so the puppy can't get at the weewee pad to tear it up. The grate allows the liquids to go through (I don't know about solids) without giving access to the pads themselves. I hope this is of some help.

Orion answered on Jul 20th.

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