Dog Adaptation help ?

Thank you for taking your time for my question.

Here's the problem. I have 2 dogs in which I can't decide the one I should bring with me for my studies. One is 4 years old and has always lived in our house. She's most likely always alone in the day. The second one is a 4 months old puppy. She's the same breed ( A lab ) and lives outside with her brothers and sisters. She's always with me when I'm home.

I was wondering which one would adapt the best in leaving home to live in an apartment ? The 4 years old never left home and people told me it would be hard to adapt her somewhere else. For the 4 months old, people told me that since she was a puppy and was learning fast, she's adapt better...

Help me and THANK YOU !!!

Asked by Member 1142054 on Nov 24th 2012 Tagged adaptation, newhouse, apartement in Other Behavior & Training
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would you be leaving the older dog at home with family he has been living with other then you? If so i would say to take the puppy with, i think the older dog would want to stay where he has been his whole life as long as he is with other members of the family that will care for him and he is used to. I would have to agree that a puppy would adapt better to a new place because he is still so young

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Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs

yup. what he said

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