dermoid sinus

We have a one and half year old rhodesian that has been diagnosed with a dermoid sinus.I geuss our question is if there are any organizations that have any kind of funding to help in the cost of the surgery that is required to remove the dermoid, We love her beyond belief ,we are at this point very financially strapped which is tearing our hearts out knowing that she needs to have this surgey or we run the risk of her suffering and worse losing her please if there is any information on any kind of help that may be available to us would be very much appreciated.unfortunately we purchased her from a pet store who says that they only cover genetic defects for up to a year after purchase we have had her now for a year and 4 months. We live in Ledyard ct. Our vet found it. They do not have any experience in dealing with it or removing it.

Asked by Payton on Jun 27th 2008 in Rhodesian Ridgeback
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