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My Puppy is a 6months old Lhasa Apso. I got him from a kennel. I am crate training him. But he went CRAZY the first night, he began to chew on the crate and CRY CRY CRY CRY all night. I was afraid he might yank his teeth biting on the crate ( THE CRATE IS DOUBLE MESH COVERED NOT A METAL CAGE). What Should I do??

1. Should I Lock the crate at night after I walked him and tired him out so that he doesn't walk around the house?
2. He goes WILD and crazy in the crate biting the fabric as if he wants to rip through it; should I scold him firmly to quiet him or simply ignore?
3. Should I put treats in the crate to calm him down?

The crate is double mesh hard fabric I highly doubt he'll break through it. The crate is in the kitchen I keep two dimmed lights on. Even if I leave him free in the kitchen he CRIES CRIES CRIES CRIES. What other ways are there to make Him STOP crying.

Mind you he is 6months old

Asked by Member 1099501 on Mar 13th 2012 in Crate Training
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Well first off my suggestion is to get a wire crate that fits him (enough room to stand up turn around and lay down). Next I would introduce him to the crate slowly by sticking some peanut butter and some yummy treats in a Kong. Let him watch you put all the goodies in. Next put it in the back of his crate and close the door with the dog on the outside. He will beg you to open the crate so he can get the goodies. Let him inside and close the door behind him once he has settled down inside with the goodies.

If he cries ignore him, do not throw treats in while he cries.

At first you should be with him in the room, slowly desensitize him to you leaving the room for seconds at a time. Take it slowly.

My lhasa likes to be in his crate with a pb covered bullystick. Also he prefers his wire crate covered like a cave.

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