Chihuahua teething problems

My 5 and half month old Chihuahua is teething. She grew a 2nd line of teeth already. She still didn't loose her 4 long teeth yet. They aren't straight either. They are like hooks. I really don't want them pulled out, so how can I help her get them out? She's always playing (pulling on) with my Pug's double chin. I feel sorry for my pug. Please give suggestions.

Asked by Member 808803 on Feb 25th 2009 Tagged teething in Puppies
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If the new teeth aren't growing in straight, and the baby teeth are not falling out, they need to be pulled.

The dog will need to be put under, and this is a procedure that usually the vet will do when you spay or neuter your dog, as it is much easier to do it all at once. You need to visit the vet - it's important that the baby teeth are removed so the adult teeth can grow in correctly. Failure to remove the baby teeth can result in poor growth, abscesses, difficulty to eat or chew, etc. It is very important, especially in smaller dogs, because they have less room for new teeth if their baby teeth haven't fallen out yet. I have had several of my Chi's baby teeth pulled because they didn't fall out in time - this is normal, but needs to be taken care of now.

Please take her to your vet as soon as possible.

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